• Send-It-Quiet is a tool for sending emails from the command prompt.Send-it-Quiet is a console application. Works under windows console. You can send automated emails from the command line. It is also very useful for scheduled tasks. For example sending periodic backups to a mail account. Also Send-It-Quiet has very simple usage. All of the necessary configuration can be done by command line parameters.

Common usage scenarios
  • MS-SQL Backups. Its possible to create a database backup from the command line. And than you may want it delivered to an email address. MS-Sql server has a command line tool called OSQL.exe. Executing this command from the command line creates the backup. "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Binn\osql.exe" -S"servername" -U"sa" -P"sapassword" -Q "BACKUP DATABASE mydatabase TO DISK='c:\backup\mydatabase.bak' WITH FORMAT". Once your backup file created, you can get it mailed easily by using Send-It-Quiet util.
  • MySQL Backups from the command line also can be made by using the this command. mysqldump -u username -h localhost -p database_name | gzip -9 > backup_db.sql.gz


  • Download the zip file and extract somewhere.
  • Most likely you already have, but just make sure that Microsoft .Net Framework installed on your computer.
  • Supports SSL and TLS (gmail uses SSL)
  • Supports attachments.
  • Supports multiple attachments
  • You can specify multiple recipients
  • Support UTF8 Content
  • Useful for command line batch jobs
  • Send multiple batch emails from the Command Prompt to many recipients
  • Send email from Scheduled Tasks
  • Easy to integrate another software
  • All parameters can be specified from the command prompt.
  • No ini or XML file configuration needed.
  • No registry configuration needed.
  • Easy to install (just an exe file)
  • You can use html tags in body.
  • Using Senditquiet is simple. All parameters can be specified from the command line.Senditquiet.exe -s <smtp server> -u <smtpusername> -p <smtppassword> -f <sender mail address> -t <recipients> -protocol <ssl> -subject <subject> -files <attachments>

    • Server: -s <server> : SMTP server address
    • Port: -port <port> : SMTP server port (If not specified, default value 25 will be taken)
    • User Name: -u <username> : SMTP user name
    • Password: -p <password> : SMTP password
    • Sender : -f <from> : Sender mail address
    • Recipients, To: -t <to> : recipient list (comma separated)
    • Protocol: -protocol <protocol> : SMTP protocol possible values are, ssl, normal.
    • Email subject: -subject <subject> : subject line, surround with quotes if you want to include spaces
    • Body of the message: -body <body> : Mail body. Surround with quotes if you want to include spaces
    • -bodyfile "C:\Users\dev\Documents\sample.html" External html file for message body can be specified by using the -bodyfile parameter. HTML File encoding assumed as utf8.
    • Attachments: -files <files> : Attachment files, (semicolon separated).
    • Log : -logfile <filename> : Optionaly you can specify a log file to have detailed trace of whole communication process. Try to put filename in quotes if you'll give a long path.
    • Suspending output messages : add >NUL to end of the command. 
    • CC: -cc <to> : cc recipient list (comma separated)
    • BCC: -bcc <to> : bcc recipents (comma separated)

    All parameters can be specified via registry.
    Create string values with the same name as parameters, under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\senditquiet. Please note when creating string values dont use preciding score "-" before parameter name. For example if you want to specify port number via registry, create string value with the name "port" not "-port".

    Return value (ERRORLEVEL)
    • 0 Success
    • 1 Fail

      1. How to Send Email From Command Line: Basic version: c:\>senditquiet.exe -s -port 587 -u -protocol ssl -p mypassword -f -t; -subject "subject line" -body "Hello there, this is the body of the message.<br>Best regards."
      2. Sending two files to two different recipient address. c:\>senditquiet.exe -s -port 587 -u -protocol ssl -p mypassword -f -t; -subject "subject line" -body "Hi<br><strong>Here is the requested files</strong>.<br> Thank you." -files c:\;c:\

      • 22 Sep 2015 CC and BCC parameters has been added.
      • 05/24/2013 Added the feature returning errorlevels.
      • 05/24/2013 Added the feature which is allowing specify paremeters by registry.
      • 02/22/2012 1.5 added new paremeter, -logfile.
      • 02/11/2012 1.4 added new parameter, -bodyfile. Now you can specify external html file for the message body.
      • 1.3 Added html support in body.
      • 1.2 Added line breaks support in body. Simply use a \n for line breaks in body parameter. See examples above.
      • 1.1 Timeout increased to 30min.
      • 1 Initial version
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